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Bird Page Notes

The Bird Page Notes keep track of all your sightings for a particular species, and reports a summary of these records to the bird page text. You can add stand-alone records that report directly to your life list, or you can add a record into a bird list from the bird page. You can enter information like sighting date, sighting location, class, view and any notes applying to that sighting. You may have multiple records for each species.

Functions include
Family Page, Bird Page, Similar, Add/Edit

Typical Operations
Adding a record, Editing a record, Deleting a record, Viewing Notes

Typical Operations

  • Adding a record
    This operation is used to add a record for a bird that you saw out in the field. You can add as many records as you wish. The information you can enter for a record is sighting date, sighting location, view, class, breeding code and any relevant or interesting notes.
  • Editing a record
    You are able to make changes to any record that you have entered into your notes.
  • Deleting a record
    This operation allows you to delete a record from your user notes that is no longer required or incorrect. Once the record is deleted it can not be recovered.
  • Viewing Notes
    Once you have created the records for a bird, you are able to view these on the bird page.

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