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In this module you can use a number of sound characteristics to help you identify a bird call that you heard out in the field. The [Pre-filter] function allows you to shorten the list of possible species by selecting the habitat and distribution (area) you were in. There is an [Autoplay] function that will play the calls of the birds in the list automatically (you can set the time to play each call). The Sound module can be accessed from the home page, identification module and modules menu.

Bird Page, Sound, Autoplay, List Operations, Pre-filter, Clear, Return

Typical Operations
Identify a call, Listen to the calls, Bird List

Functions include

  • Sound - play the call of each bird in the list.
  • Autoplay - listen to the call of each bird in the selected habitat list and set time delay between calls.
  • List Operations - save the filtered list, export the filtered list or return the filtered list to the identification module.
  • Pre-filter - select a habitat, distribution or use the ID module to pre-filter you list.
  • Clear - clears all filters that are presently selected and return filtered list to full Southern Africa list.
  • Return - takes user to the previously used module.

Typical Operations

  • Identify a call
    The aim is to use the sound characteristic key and other factors to help you identify a bird call. When you select a characteristic, an example bird sound is selected and it's sound played. If you agree with the example, select the tick-box.
  • Listen to the calls
    This operation will help you learn you bird calls. You can select a bird in the list and listen to its call (set call to loop) or use the [Autoplay] function to play the calls in the list, automatically (you are able to set the time delay between calls).
  • Bird List
    After filtering the list, you are able to save the list, export the list or use the list in another module. You can also print out the filtered list.

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