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There are over 270 birding spots listed in Roberts Multimedia version 3. The birding spots module includes the SA Map page and the Birding Spot page. The SA Map page is used for browsing the map of Southern Africa and locating birding spots visually by region. The map uses an interactive map with clickable hot-spots that call up the birding spot pages. The Birding Spot pages are linked to an index list of spots and include the texts, photos, maps, and bird lists. Bird names in the texts are hyper-linked to the bird pages.

Additional functions include search for a bird name or birding spot, overlay the bird distribution and explore the map for suitable spots, add your own birding spot, and print out texts, photos, maps and bird lists.

SA Map page - SA Map, Search, Zoom, Zoom tool, Add Spot, View Spot, Distribution, Birding Spots
Birding Spot page - SA Map, Region, Search, Text, Map, Photo, Birding Spots, Print

Typical Operations
SA Map page, Selecting a spot, Search (for a bird), Search (with distribution), Adding a Spot,
Birding Spot page, Browse a spot, Search (for a spot)


SA Map page

The SA Map page includes;

  • an interactive map (zoom, scroll, and click on links) in the display panel,
  • an index of birding spots in the right-hand panel,
  • and an associated bird list in the main list box.

Typical Operations

  • Selecting a Spot
    The SA Map browsing options can be used to explore a region and locate likely birding spots.

  • Search (for a bird)
    This searches for a bird name in either the text or bird lists, or both. The search result is a list of suitable birding spots.

  • Search with distribution
    The bird Distribution can be overlayed on the SA Map to search for a likely spot matching with a birds distribution.
  • Adding a Spot
    This adds a personalised birding spot to the map, for saving your own notes and lists of your favourite localities.


Birding Spot page

This page includes;

  • the birding spot text, photos and maps in the display panel
  • an index of birding spots in the right hand panel
  • an bird list for the selected spot in the list box.

Typical Operations

  • Browse a Spot
    Browse the write-up of the spot, use the linked bird names to go to the bird page of that bird. View the photographs and map of the spot.
  • Search (for a spot)
    The general search tool can be used to search for a birding spot by name, or a place name that may occur in a birding spot text;


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