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Similar Birds

The Similar Birds module is a new addition to the Roberts' Multimedia. This module enables you to identify and compare similar birds ranging from birds that look almost identical, to species that are just plain confusing. You can view the similar species side-by-side for direct comparison, using illustrations, photographs and distribution maps, and read the texts of each similar bird to further aid your identification process.

Functions include
Family Page, Bird Page, Text, Sound

Typical Operations
Compare similar birds, Use with ID Module

Typical Operations

  • Compare similar birds
    To compare species that are similar in appearance and difficult to identify. View the similar species side-by-side for direct comparison. You can use illustrations, photographs, distribution maps and texts to aid your identification.
  • Use in conjunction with ID module
    You are able to create a shortlist in the identification module and then browse the list in the similar birds module.

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