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The Bird List Module has a number of options for generating and saving lists. These include Source Lists, Personal Lists, Ringers' Lists, Photo Lists, and SA Map

The lists are further managed in modules that edit, view, search, design printouts, export, import and save lists etc.

Source Lists are pre-generated lists that are a resource for creating other lists. For example, the list of Southern African birds is a source list, from which all other lists for Southern Africa are created. There are source lists for all countries, provinces, habitats and birding spots, and even a world list for the traveling birder. A map-marker tool enables you to create your own source list from the bird distribution data. Source lists can be used in other modules, such as the personal list module, or printed out for use in the field.  See Source Lists for details.

     Source list - full view

The SA Map option is used for generating source lists of any area in Southern Africa. You can zoom in and select a birding spot, quarter-degree square, or draw an area. And select a time of year. A map-marker list can also indicate the species status.

     SA Map marker

Personal Lists are those that you create for your personal records. You can keep multiple lists in a personal list hierarchy, and edit, view, search, export, import and print out these lists. Many users can make use of the program, and each will have their own "personal bird list database". See Personal Lists for details.

     Create Personal List

Ringers' Lists and Photo Lists are very similar to Personal Lists, except they work off the ring or photo number, and not the bird number. The Ringer List output has been designed for export as a list to SAFRING.

     Photo List module


Manipulating and outputting list data is done with [Edit View], [Full View], [Search], [Print Preview], [In/Out] for importing and exporting, etc.

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