Roberts' Multimedia: Version 3 Guided Tour: Program Layout

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Program Layout
Setup Options

Program Screens
Menu Bar
Standard Program Menu
Short cut icons
General program functions.

1. Program Screens
The program screens are designed for viewing at 800x600 screen resolution, and can be enlarged to 1024x768. The
screens are designed with the following common areas;

  • a menu bar
  • permanent bird list panel on the left hand side
  • text box, list or filter selection panel on the right hand side
  • central display panel for illustrations and module operations.

2. The menu bar has the following common areas;

  • program icon and title - Roberts' Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa.
  • current module name - Bird Page.
  • Name of currently selected user - [User - A Birder]. Can be changed in the Setup menu.
  • short-cut icons -
  • standard program menu
  • current module menu

3. The standard program menu has the following options;

  • Setup - user options for configuring the program
  • BIRDS - the frequently-accessed birds module
  • v - the vertical arrow opens an alphabetical list of bird families.
  • Modules - opens a menu of available program modules
  • Functions - opens a menu of standard Windows functions
        Copy -
    highlight any text and select copy
        Print -
    print the selected text (only in the Introduction)
    - opens the Search function.
  • Help - opens the Help module options.
  • windows "back" and "forward" arrows to retrace your steps.
  • page back or forward through the program pages (bird pages, family pages, and ID module).

4. The Short Cut icons    

  •   Opens the home page.
  •   Opens the bird page for the bird selected in the main list.
  •   Opens the search module.
  •   Opens the Help module to the context page.
  •   Sound ON/OFF toggle.
  •   Windows minimize, maximize, close.

5. The Current Module Menu changes with the applicable module. These are found to the right of the button.

6. General program functions;

  • Bird list. The program runs off the bird list as displayed in the list box. The selected bird list is carried as you move around the program. To see all the birds you need to select the full Southern Africa list. If you select a bird from a "filtered" list, it cannot be displayed. The program will ask you if you wish to change back to the Southern Africa list.
  • Photos. Double-click to enlarge illustrations and photos. Left and right arrows to tab between photos. With minimal install, if you are viewing from the video disc, a photo-box [x] will indicate a photo is available. Re-insert disc 1 and double-click on the photo-box [x] to view.
  • Video. SIngle-click on the video icon to view, or select Video-Play from the menu. Double-click on the video icon to enlarge to full screen. Esc to close. Note that with minimal install, you will be required to swop discs to view video. Most videos (660 species) are on disc 2, with an additional 17 species on disc 1. If you re-insert disc 1, double-click on the video icon to view (not the play button).
  • Sounds and Videos can be set to play once, or to play repeatedly (loop). You can choose a default under Setup-Configuration, or on the Bird Page.
  • the pop-up help and tip boxes can be switched off when you are familiar with them. You can switch them back on in the Setup - Configuration.
  • the List Options box can be opened and closed.
  • the right-hand index box can be closed in some modules to provide a larger viewing area.
  • The program can be maximized to full screen on a 1024 x768 screen. This will show larger family pages.

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