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In this module you can select any of the 14 habitats, ranging from Forest to Marine. You can browse each habitat by viewing photographs, distribution maps and reading texts relating to the selected habitat. There are slide shows of the habitat photographs that you can view. These slide shows are accompanied by amazing habitat soundtracks that correspond to the selected habitat. You can also listen to the bird calls of each habitat by selecting the autoplay function or by selecting a bird in the list. The Habitat module can be accessed from the home page and modules menu.

Habitats, Texts, Bird list, Slide Show, Autoplay, Sound, Print, Bird Page, View, Abbreviations

Typical Operations
Browse habitats, Slide ShowListen to habitat soundtracks and bird calls, Habitat lists

Functions include

  • Habitats - view habitat map, select a habitat type and view the photographs,  distribution map and text of each habitat.
  • Texts - discusses habitats and typical birds, links bird names to bird pages.
  • Bird list - a bird list for each habitat, also accessed in source list
  • Slide Show - view habitat photographs in a slide show and set time delay between photographs (not available at large size).
  • Auto-play - listen to the call of each bird in the selected habitat list and set time delay between calls.
  • Sound - play the call of each bird in the list.
  • Habitat Sounds - automatically plays a soundtrack pertaining to the habitat selected.
  • Print - print the selected habitat bird list and text.
  • Bird Page - links to the bird page of the selected bird in the list.
  • View - view just the habitat text or both the habitat text and the bird distribution map.

Typical Operations

  • Browse habitats
    This allows you to view the photographs of each habitat either by paging through them manually or by an automated slide show (set the time delay between photographs). You can read the habitats texts and click on the bird names to link to the bird page.
  • Slide Show
    The slide show will play automatically through the habitat photos. You are able to set the time delay between photos.
  • Listen to habitat soundtracks and bird calls
    Familiarise yourself with the calls of the birds that occur in each habitat and listen to the habitat soundtracks.
  • Habitat lists
    The aim is to select a habitat list and use that list in another module of the program. You could also export the habitat list and use it in an external program.

The following abbreviations are used in the source lists if you select habitat.

  • Fo = Forest
  • BW = Bushveld and Woodland
  • Ki = Kalahari
  • Gr = Grassland
  • Ko = Karoo
  • Ds = Desert
  • Fy = Fynbos
  • Mo = Mountains
  • RC = Rocks and Cliffs
  • To = Towns and Gardens
  • Fa = Farmland
  • Wa = Wetland (Inland Water)
  • Mp = Marine pelagic
  • Ms = Marine Shoreline

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