Roberts' Multimedia: Version 3 Guided Tour: Setup Options

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Setup Options:
Users and Login

Installation Options
The program is supplied on two discs, a program disc and a video disc. There are a number of install options, which use the following ideas;
  • the program disc is always required when you start the program.
  • minimal install (120MB), can run the program off the program disc for all data except videos. When you wish to view a video, insert the video disc. (ie disc-swopping required).
  • minimal install can be used with two disc-drives and no disc-swopping.
  • standard install (450MB) runs the program off the hard-drive. After starting the program with disc 1, you can insert the video disc and continue without disc-swopping.
  • Standard Plus (530MB) adds the full habitat soundtracks to your hard drive (minimal and standard install do include short soundtracks). After starting the program with disc 1, you can insert the video disc and continue without disc-swopping.
  • Full installation (1200MB), includes all the data including videos.
Configuration Options
The setup and configuration options are for you to configure the program to your working convenience. Configuration options you should be aware of include;
  • Directories. Displays the data paths as set up by the installation. You may wish to adjust the video data path if you have two CD-drives.
  • Language. Choose English or Afrikaans.
  • Multimedia. Background soundtracks can be switched on or off (Multimedia Option). The sound toggle button can be set to apply to all sounds, background sounds, or current bird. The videos can be set to loop or to play in an external window.
  • Home Page. You can switch off the animation and pop-ups on the home page (General Option).
  • Look and Feel. You can change the look of the program and set the font size and name.
  • Memory and maps. Optimize memory usage for maps on your computer (General Option).
  • Bird lists. The number of bird lists entries in memory can slow down your computer. If you have a large number of records, you can limit the number displayed (General Option).
  • Tips. Choose to show or not show the pop-up tips when changing between modules.
  • Screensaver. The program has a screensaver which can be activated from setup (Screen Saver Option).
  • Screen Size. The program screens are designed for viewing at 800x600 screen resolution and Small Fonts, and can be enlarged to 1024x768 to show larger-sized family pages. This is an option that you will set in Windows, and not under configuration. Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Settings, and set to 800x600, or 1024x768, and Small Fonts. Screen Colour should be High Colour or True Colour.

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