Roberts' Multimedia: Version 3 Updates

Here is the complete changelog Roberts Multimedia V3:

31/03/03 Version 3.3

  • fixed the flash homepage under Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • updated the registration system
  • fixed incorrect sounds being played if there is no sound for a bird

13/11/04 Update 6 ( = Version 3.2)

  • additional sound controls off the sound toggle button at the top right of the menu bar. Here you can apply the sound toggle (on/off) to background sounds or bird sounds individually, or all sounds. You can also adjust the relative levels of the bird calls to the background sound.
  • added R+ and Re buttons to the bird list. Used for adding to your bird list from anywhere in the program. R+ will add directly to a pre-selected list, while Re allows you to select a list and add details.
  • added bird list database backup.
  • added a telephone de-registration option for users without internet or computers behind firewalls.
  • fixed the auto-play function in the habitat module
  • fixed reporting of sub-lists in the ringers module.
  • updated regional bird lists
  • updated birding spot texts
  • fixed screensaver timing

31/03/03 Update 5 ( = Version 3.1)

  fixed distribution overlay in SAMap
  fixed photo list picture linking
  updated image viewer routine
  additional photos (Black-cheeked Lovebird - Louise Warburton)
  Additional birding spot photos, maps, and text updates, including:
Cape Pelagic (L.Randell), Knysna (A.Brash), Wilderness (A.Brash), Natures Valley (A.Brash), Darvill Park (M.Brown), East Rand Pans (C.Whittington-Jones), Hangklip Forest (M.Kriek), Walvis Bay (K.Wearne),
Hlatikulu Vlei (C.A.Byron), Tembe Elephant Park(G.Gibbon), Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve (N.Anderson), Bonamanzi Game Ranch (T.Snyman), Boulder's Beach (B.Dyer), Lambert's Bay (B.Dyer), Mountain Mist (A.Stoller), Waterberg (M.Butcher), Spitskoppe (M.Butcher) and Northern Chobe National Park (M.Main).
Wilderness (A.Brash), Plettenberg Bay (A.Brash), Mossel Bay (A.Brash), Knysna (A.Brash), Addo Elephant National Park, Doorndraai Dam Nature Reserve and Blouberg Nature Reserve.

Update 4 ( 24/03/03)

  Added "In Life List" checkbox to Source Lists,
  Added Roberts 7 English names to available "Items on report",
Data updates include:
  updated rare bird data and distribution maps
  fixes to photo captions,
  fixed nest ID for hanging nests and pole/pylon nests,

Update 3 ( 25/02/03)

  New bird list display 'engine' requires less memory
  fixed bird list resource error for Windows 98,
  Added "Import Version 2 notes" option,
  Added de-registration option under Help,
  fixed distribution overlay in birding spot map.
  fixed photo list error,
Data updates include:
  fixed text-linking in some species texts

Update 2 ( 27/12/02)

  fixed Black-eyed Bulbul data (photos, sound, bird lists)
  fixed habitat photo display for marine shoreline,

Update 1 ( 19/12/02)

  faster cd-check on start-up.


Roberts' Multimedia : PDA Version Updates

  Update V2.2 (download size 1.7MB)

  • improved support for Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • fixed support for paranoid devices like the Imate JasJar
  • marking a bird record as male will now not also mark it as female.
  • importing lists with overwrite now works as intended
  • better support for square-screen devices (picture will scroll rather than shrink)

29/11/04:  PDA Update Version 2  (download size 4.06MB)

  • toolbar: added new icons:  FL for Family list  BL  for Bird List and  PL for Personal List.
  • toolbar: added family list icon  FL to appropriate pages for easier navigation
  • menu: added "about" details of program version to the start menu. This version is 2.0.
  • main bird list: Now defaults to Roberts 7 names in family order, with no bird number displayed.
  • main bird list: corrected some errors in regional lists.
  • main bird list: Options. The main bird list has a number of options on the [Start>Bird List >B-List>Options] dialogue page. These include the list to work from, names, numbers, and sort order of the list. This dialogue popped up every time you started the program to check which bird list to work from. This now has a "show list options at start" checkbox, with the default option "off". The previously selected bird list, personal list, and place and dates are now remembered. If you end up with a "short" list from using the ID module or Birding Spots module, you need to re-select "ALL" birds from the LIST box on the options page.
  • main bird list. Added "check personal list" checkbox. This function compares your main bird list with the species listed in your personal list, and "ticks" the main list. The default setting is "off" as this does slow down the list module on less powerful machines. If you tick this option, the personal list options box will open for you to create or select a personal list.
  • personal bird list: Added sort list by bird name, date or place
  • personal bird list: Added drop-down options for place names
  • personal bird list: Added search by part of name
  • personal bird list: New "species count" in personal list. You have been able to enter the same bird more than once in your personal list (different place or date), but not get an accurate species total. This feature counts the total number of records and the number of individual species entered into your personal list.
  • bird pages: added scientific bird name to the bird info pop-up
  • bird pages: added warning "bird data not in loaded list" if you have installed a sub-list of species data (ie not the full 128MB install), and then select a species from the full bird list for which no data is loaded. This also applies if no bird sound is available.
  • bird pages: Added Rare Bird Data to the texts.
  • bird pages: fixed some high-pitched bird sounds which were not playing audibly.
  • Backup and Restore lists on the PDA itself. Available as an option on the personal list  PL  menu, you can back up to a selected place on your PDA. Note: If you allow the battery to run flat, the PDA loses all programs and files saved to main memory. Choose the "iPAQ file store", or an SD-card for secure backup (not the Roberts PDA card which is full).
  • Help: Updated the Help file with new screens and functions.

Updates to the PC download manager, include:

  • improved navigation
  • PDA de-registration option. Please de-register before changing PDA's.
  • downloading of personal life list from Version 3 to PDA. You can now download and add records to your life list on the PDA, and edit direct life list entries.
  • more flexible PC to PDA list updating options: individually update bird lists, personal lists, and birding spot lists.
  • viewing of PDA lists on your PC, without first integrating the lists into your Version 3 lists.
  • automatic and manual "backup and restore" of Version 3 lists and PDA lists when transferring lists from one to the other.
  • Help: Updated the Help file with new screens and functions.



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