Roberts' Multimedia: Version 3 Upgrade

Limited time offer!

Upgrade now R400 for full boxed version,
plus R55 overnight postage.

Version 3 is a completely new program and requires a new cd-rom disc. To upgrade you must return your old disc plus R400 for the upgrade and R55 for postage and packaging directly to S.A.Birding cc, P.O.Box 1438, Westville, 3630. This offer is not available through stores and cannot be ordered 'on-line' from the order page, as it requires your old disc to be traded in.

Payment by cheque is preferred, as this arrives with your disc. Please make payable to S.A.Birding cc, cross the cheque, and mark "not transferable". Return the disc in plastic box only. We recommend you use overnight Priority Mail which is quick and relatively secure, as the parcel is given a tracking no. Alternatively, contact or call (031)-2665948 between 9am-5pm, to arrange payment by credit card or direct deposit. Your upgrade will be held until the disc is received.

Click here to see the new features available on Version 3.

Roberts' Multimedia PDA Version 2 'plug 'n play' sd-card conversion

The Roberts' Multimedia PDA Version 2 (cd-rom) can be converted to a 'plug 'n play' sd-card option.

Option 1: Purchase a SD card form us for R300 (2Gig) or R450 (8Gig).
Option 2: Send your own card and we will load it for R100.

Postage is R55 for Priority Mail.

Contact or call (031)-2665948 between 9am-5pm for more information.


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