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Roberts' Multimedia: Version 3 Updates

Note that only the most economical download combinations are retained on the site.

09/11/2006 Version 3.3
Click on one of the links below to download the update to your PC. Select "save" and note the download path (your desktop is easiest). Once downloaded, close the download window, and find the downloaded file. Extract or unzip the file. Double-click on the file that was extracted and it will install to your Roberts Multimedia directory. Please remember to run (double-click) your file after you have extracted it.

How to unzip a file.

Any V3 to V3.3 (4.733 MB)
Download and run this file to update any version 3 software to version 3.3.

V3.1 or later to V3.3 (1.792 MB)
Download this file if the label on the surface of your disc says Version 3.1 or Version 3.2.

The update includes all previous updates. This update fixes various problems, including:

  • fixed the flash homepage under Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • updated the registration system
  • fixed incorrect sounds being played if there is no sound for a bird

(full update history)

Roberts' Multimedia : PDA Version Updates


Please note that all updates for the Roberts Multimedia PDA version are now provided directly by SA Birding in the form of a Pre-loaded SD-card.  You may choose to update your own SD-card , or purchase a new SD-card from us.

The cost is R100 to load your own card, or R300 for a 2Gig MicroSD card or R450 for a 8Gig MicroSD card. Standard and MiniSD Adaptors included with MicoSD cards.

Contact for more information.  Should you order a replacement card, please quote your CD Serial number, make and model number of your PDA.


Roberts' Bird Game : Updates

Windows XP Update 05/09/03
This update fixes intermittent crashing when running the Bird Game on Windows XP.

NOTE: The following patches only apply to the original release of Roberts' Bird Games.
If you received your copy in the last two years, these fixes are already included in your software.



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