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Setup Options:
Users and Login

Users and Login
The program can keep personal bird lists for multiple users.
Each user is allocated a database file for storing their personal data.

The Log-In screen at program start-up allows you to either select an existing user from the drop-down box, or to create a new user profile. The setup option [Change User] also opens the Log-in dialogue box.

Create New User Profile
This opens a dialogue requesting the user name, and tick-boxes for the users' list hierarchy.

Ticking these boxes automatically creates a list hierarchy of South African Provinces and neighbouring countries. ie. all major territories within the Southern African sub-region. You can add your bird lists to these folders, or create additional sub-folders into which to add your lists. You may choose to un-tick these boxes if you do not wish to use the default list hierarchy, and create your own list hierarchy.

Delete User
The setup option [Delete User] allows you to delete an existing user. This will remove all the list data stored for that user.

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