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Import V2 Lists The Import Bird List option allows the user to import all the lists that he/she created in version 2. In this module you will click on [In/Out] on the menu bar of the Personal List module and select Import V2 to begin the Import Bird List Wizard. The Import V2 option is used to import all or selected lists from version 2 of the Roberts' Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa.

Import V2 Bird List Wizard
This wizard will import the bird lists that you created in Roberts' Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa V2. You can import the list hierarchy from version2 into the personal list module of version 3. This wizard will enable you to select where the lists will be imported to and to edit the imported records.

The wizard has three steps;

  • Step 1. Import V2 Source. Enter the folder of the V2 application and select the lists to be imported.
  • Step 2. Date Confirmation. Confirm that the dates that were imported are correct. The program represents dates as dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Step 3. Editing imported records. Edit the imported records in the personal list module where necessary.

Example: Step 2 - Date Confirmation
This step is where you confirm all the dates that were imported for each entry. You can change the dates where necessary.

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