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Import Bird Lists The Import Bird List option is for importing a general text file list that you have created in other programs outside the Roberts' Multimedia. See Import V2 Lists to import all or selected lists from version 2.1 of the Roberts' Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa.

Import Bird List Wizard
This wizard will import a bird list that has been saved as a text file. All word-processors, spreadsheets and databases can "save as" text files (eg. birdlist.txt). The list may use either a bird number, name, or both to identify each bird. The bird list should contain columns of these numbers and names, with one bird per line. The list may also have columns of data (fields) such as place, date, notes etc. The columns should be separated by a comma, tab or pipe( | ). For example; bird no, bird name, place, date, notes.

The wizard has six steps;

  • Step 1. Import File. Select the file to import from and the column separators.
  • Step 2. Import Destination. Choose or create a blank list to import into.
  • Step 3. Reference Fields. Match your bird numbers and names to the program's.
  • Step 4. Data Fields. Match your data fields to the program's.
  • Step 5. Bird Import Confirmation. Confirm identification of the birds in your list.
  • Step 6. Date Confirmation. Confirm interpretation of the dates in your list.
Example: Step 4 - Data Fields
This step is where you match the Data Fields you are importing.

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