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Photo Lists

The Photo List module is based upon the photo number, and not the bird number, and can be used for all types of photos, including animals, habitats, birding spots etc. The module is designed so that you can add all the details of the photographs you have taken into a list format which is stored in a database. You can also link your own digital or scanned picture to the each list that you create (.jpg or .bmp pictures only).

This page includes:

  • details of currently selected bird, habitat, birding spot, animal, reptile, insect, other (date, place, quality, view, class, title and notes)
  • camera and film details (camera make, lens and shutter)
  • list hierarchy of countries and provinces
  • "fields to clear" option for adding new birds and details
  • an editing lock to protect existing records
  • display panel showing entered records
  • linking to digital photos and scanned photos/slides
  • diary function for a summary of each list

SA Map, Source, Personal, In/Out, Add/Edit, Bird Page, Edit List, Edit View, Full View, New List, Print, Diary

Typical Operation
Creating a photo list with links to specific photos, Deleting a photo list, Printing a photo list

  • Edit List  - the view where you create a photo list (add photo and edit its details)
  • New List - create a new list to enter photos into (you may want to list the photos per locality)
  • Print - view the preview of the printout and then print out the list that you have created
  • Diary - enter a diary summary for the list you have created (general info on locality, weather conditions, bird notes etc.)

Typical Operation

  • Creating a photo list with links to specific photos
    You are able to create a photo list for any locality in the world and to add details for each photograph that was taken (camera make, lens, shutter, quality, subject, notes). The photograph entry can be linked to the scanned or digital photo on your PC.
  • Deleting a photo list
    You can also delete the lists or specific photo entries you have created which you no longer need.
  • Printing a photo list
    Once you have selected or created a photo list you can print out the list. You can design the layout of this printout.

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