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Personal Lists

The Personal List module is designed for you to create your own personal Life List and lists for each locality that you have been birding in the world. The lists are created by first selecting a bird in the list on the left and then clicking [Add Selected]. The bird is now "live" for editing and you can enter all the details for this record. This is repeated until you have complete the list, at which stage you can either create a new list or print out the current list. This module also allows you to create lists for multiple users which are written to individual databases.

This page includes:

  • 'dual-picture' interface
  • list hierarchy of countries and provinces
  • details of currently selected bird or birds (date, place, view, class, notes and breeding)
  • "clear details" option for automatically adding repetitive details
  • an editing lock to protect existing records
  • display panel showing entered records
  • diary function for a notes on the list
  • sort by field options

SA Map, Source, In/Out, Add/Edit, Bird Page, Edit List, Edit View, Full View, Search, New List, Print, Diary

Typical Operations
Creating a Personal List, Deleting a Personal List, Printing a personal list

  • Edit List - links to the Edit List View in the personal list module where you can edit the records you have entered.
  • New List - where you create a new personal list.
  • Print - view the preview of the printout and then print the personal list that you have created.
  • Diary - enter a diary summary for the personal list you have created (interesting observations, weather conditions, observers etc.).

Typical Operations

  • Creating a Personal List
    In this operation you can create a personal list and add all the relevant details for each bird that you observed in the field at a specific locality. You are able to add a record for the same species multiple times in any list.
  • Deleting a Personal List
    You can also delete the lists you have created which you no longer need.
  • Printing a personal list
    Once you have created a personal list you can print out the list. You can design the layout of this printout.

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