Roberts' Bird Games

Roberts Bird Games
is a fun learning tool for young and old, from beginner to experienced birder.

Created as separate product from the full Roberts' Multimedia,
it includes a guide to over 930 birds, and the specially developed bird games described below.

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Update for Version 1 (pre-2004)

The Games include Habitat games, Clue games, and Young Birder games. The Games are refreshed from over 1700 illustrations, with bird sounds and 16 habitat scenes with soundtracks. Up to 6 players, and three levels of difficulty. Multimedia PC (P2 recommended) and Windows required.

Bird Book reference
The disc includes the Roberts Field Companion to over 930 birds, with illustrations, text, bird sounds, distribution maps and print option. 

Habitat Games
Three games to go birding in 16 habitats around Southern Africa. Follow the trail from start to finish, go twitching against the clock, or simply explore a habitat. Every scene different and refreshed from 1700 illustrations, with bird sounds and habitat soundtracks.

View Habitat Scenes
Town and Garden
Bushveld & Woodland
Cliff and Gorges
Marine and Shore

Identification Games
Two games that challenge you with clues to identify one of eight birds. Play against the clock in the Random Game, or buy clues in the Clue Game. Up to six players and three levels of difficulty.

Young Birder Games
Two games for young birders - Bird Puzzles of individual birds, or place the bird shapes to Complete the Picture. Up to six players, with no time limit or scoring for younger birders.

System Requirements
Windows 95 - XP.
Recommended: Pentium P2 computer, 64 MB RAM, 10MB hard drive memory,
sound card, internal CD-drive. Minimum screen settings 800x600, high colour.
Copy protection: Original disc required in first CD-drive to run program.
Price R299    

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Update for Version 1 (Pre-2004)

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